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Good morning, evening, or afternoon where ever you may live in the great big world we call Earth ladies and gentlemen. Today this blog post is about every item, their purposes, and to give information about the production chain. So, let’s delve right into the post.


That image is of the production chain. Raw resources are used to make manufactured products and can only be sold to manufacturers. Products are sold to stores, and stores sell their products to citizens. To talk about resources, grain for example, is used to make bread. As such, grain can only be sold to bread manufacturers. This is the same for all raw resources. Let us take a second to talk about the resources and their related products.

  1. Grain is used as a resource to make bread. Bread is a food item that you consume every day. If you do not have any bread, then you lose 10 HP. However, if you have food, then you heal HP according to this formula

2 * BreadQuality HP per day if have one in your inventory So, let’s say you have one quality 1 food. You would heal 2 HP at day change.

  1. Iron is a resource used in the manufacturing of weapons. Weapons affect the damage that you deal in battles. Weapons are used in wars to fight for your country. So, having weapons is a lot better than not having any weapons at all. You can still fight without weapons however, so don’t let fighting without a weapon discourage you. Any damage would help your country more than no damage.
  2. Oil has two main uses, them being, the creation of moving tickets, and fuel. Fuel is used in moving items between companies. If you have no fuel, you cannot move items between companies. Fuel costs are affected by the infrastructure of the region of the country in question. If there is a high amount of infrastructure, then there are lower fuel costs. Without a moving ticket, you cannot move around within the world.
  3. Tea leaves are used in the creation of tea. Tea is an item that heals you on demand for a fixed amount affected by quality. It has a limit of how many units of tea that you can use in a day. That means you cannot just use a thousand units a day.
  4. Wood is a resource primarily used in construction. It is used in building materials and paper. Paper is used by newspapers which want to sell articles for profit. 1 paper is used for 1 paid article sold. While building materials are used for construction points. Some buildings in the game will require construction points to be built.

To talk about another topic related to items, there is a feature known as selling power that should be spoken about. Selling power is used by shops in the form of selling power points, shops will start each day with a minimum of 10. You’ll be able to generate more by attaining shopkeepers in game.

That is an example of what a purchase screen now looks like right now. It’s prone to change due to the nature of this game not even being in a beta test yet. We’re working hard though, so stay tuned for more later!

Discord/Reddit Information

That’s all from us for now. If you haven’t joined the discord server, please do so! We’ll welcome you with open arms! We also have a subreddit for all types of conversation about the game. Below are the links.

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We hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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