Battles, Supply Value, and Damage

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Fighting in Sociatis

Time for another blog. Today’s blog is about fighting, damage, supply value, and batles in Sociatis. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Time to get to it.


Battles start when one nation attacks another nation’s region. In battles, there are walls that have HP which are determined by the following formula. Attackers must get the wall’s HP down to 0 or below to win. The defenders must do the opposite and keep the wall above 0. Attackers take away from a wall’s HP value, while defenders add HP to the wall.

Wall Health=1000.0* SupplyValueModifier*(DefenseSystemQuality+1)

As you can see, taking down a wall will not be an easy task for an attacker, nor will defending it. Armies will need to work together to take a region from another nation.

Supply Value, Damage and What Happens When a Battle is Over

Supply value is an internal value that is used to influence economic productivity and the wall HP value in battles. The higher the supply value, the bigger the wall and so on. Supply value also affects damage done in battles. A region’s supply value can range from 0 – 5.0. This means that high supply value regions will be even bigger challenge for those who try to take it.

The following graph shows the effects that supply value has on activities. Supply value acts as a multiplier in some cases.

Battle Results

Now, a few things happen when a battle is finished in Sociatis.

  1. Supply value is lost depending on the amount of damage that an attacker puts forward. The damage that a defender does is also considered.
  2. The defense system in the region drops by 1 level. (2 if at Q5)
  3. The hospital drops by 1 level (2 if at Q5)
  4. If the attacker wins, then they get a portion of gold from the loser’s treasury.

War screen showing various aspects of what is in the works.

Gold lost is determined by the following.

  1. The previous 3 points of supply is considered.
  2. How much the region taken contributes to the overall supply value of the nation.
  3. The distance from the capital. Taking a faraway colony would be different than taking the capital.

Moving onto damage, the first characteristic of damage in Sociatis is that region distance affects how much damage you do. So, to do the maximum amount of damage possible, you need to be closer to the region that is being attacked. Weapons and military rank both affect damage as well, but supply value will affect both side of an attack’s damage.

I hope that brings you more up to speed on how Sociatis is chugging along. Please remember that we do have a discord and a subreddit where you can find other people who are interested in the game. If you have a question about the game, discord is a great place to get in contact with someone who can answer your question

Discord channel – [click!]

Subreddit /r/Sociatis – [click!]

If you haven’t applied to become a beta tester. Here is a link, click this link to apply. The beta will be a closed beta that starts in November. Be sure to apply so that you can get in to test.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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