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Hello everyone, today is another blog post about Sociatis. Today it’ll be over job types.


In Sociatis, there are two different types of jobs. The two kinds of jobs are normal jobs and contract work. What does this mean to the average player? Well, normal jobs allow you to work and leave at instant of time that you so choose to do so. Contract work is different. Working with a contract means you’ll be working for an agreed number of days and for a certain salary. The caveat to this however, is that you cannot leave the company if the manager has the money to pay you and the resources to allow you to work. Now obviously, this has it upside and downside. You still need to log in order to work as well. It’ll be up to you to determine what is the right kind of job.

Contracts have a certain length of time that they are in effect. The above screenshot is from the game as it stands right now. Congress will have the ability to change the above options as they see fit so that they can improve their nation.


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If you haven’t applied to become a beta tester be sure to do so soon! Here is the link to apply. The Sociatis beta will be a closed beta that starts in November. So be sure to apply so that you can get in to test. It’s always more fun with friends too!  If you want to get your country added to the upcoming beta, be sure to invite your countrymen so it can get added!


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