What’s next?

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Hello everyone o/.

You are probably thinking the same question as stated in the title of this post. What’s going to happen next and where Sociatis is going? Answer to this question will be inside this article.

Beta start

First of all I would like to address my own feelings when it comes to the start of closed Beta. It has it’s pros and cons.
Main issues that Sociatis faced at start was poor preparedness for start and some wrong geo-political moves.
I tried to deliver at start of the beta the most features that I could. I worked every weekend for 3 months to deliver it in this state but I did not prepared myself for the process of starting the game on other server. The game had it’s own test server but starting game from no data is diffrent than having some kind of test server. 1 day was not long enough to prepare for that. Lessons learned and it will not happen again.

There were also positive sides as i said.
Excluding preparations issues there was a lot less bugs that I thought and every bug that was found by you was fixed very fast to deliver you working game. The game scope is very big for 1 person and results were good when we take that into account.
Your responses were awesome too. With help of many people I’d received information about many bugs and issues and I could resolve them as fast as I could. This was very helpfull and helped to deliver better working game for everyone.

So what’s next?

User Interace (UI)

The first thing that was not good for me and that should disappear when I will have time is game UI. It resembles other games from this genre but I think that it’s not the way to go about this interface. It’s my main concern for upcoming months to change UI to be nice and intuitive for you. The change will be very drastic when we compare it to current state but it should change in positive way.

This is the biggest change and will address many issues that you had during beta. Most of the problems came from interface not being intuitive. You could not understand a lot of things due to lack of documentation/help/tips etc.


Game is ~80-90% ready when it comes to base mechanics. A lot of things work in good manner at this moment.
The features that will come in future updates are :
– Defense systems (They are not yet implemented)
– Houses
– Hotels
– Organisations (they are partly done but need some tweaking and they were not yet included)


I also want to create some kind of wikipedia for the game. Games like this have a lot of mechanics and it would be nice to have place where all informations about the game is gathered.


It’s for further future. Movement on Discord/Game dropped a little compared to start of the beta. When it will rise again I will select some moderators who will have things under control. They will help me manage things so I will have more time to develop Sociatis.


It’s not linked to Sociatis but I am actually alone when it comes to developing this title. This type of development has very big problem. When I face some big event in my life I am unable to spend as much time as I want on Sociatis. I was focusing a lot during last 4 months on delivering Sociatis (I also worked on it 1.5 years before but with 30%? less focus). Actually I am going to graduate from university at January. To be able to finish it with success and to not lose my last 4 years of education (:D) I need to focus on it for next month.

I am still able to focus on Sociatis. When bugs will arise I will fix them. But providing new features and UI will be slower than before.


From February things will get hot. I will be graduated and development of Sociatis will be faster due to that. My main concern will be UI at this moment I think.  I am not going to make resolutions about new year regarding Sociatis. They are not needed because I know that I will spend a lot of time on it in the next year. I do not need resolution to know this :).

Christmas are coming so I wish you Merry Christmas and super fantastic next year. Stay tuned for future updates.

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