Trust me – I am an engineer

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During last month I had very little time to sit on Sociatis and create new code. Main reason of this state of affairs was my university graduation process. I needed a lot of time to complete my engineer thesis, learn for exam and receive good marks afterwards because of it. I could only fix the biggest bugs found by you during this month. I did not inform you on admin’s newspaper about that because I lacked time to do so. Right now I am no longer a student so I am able to work on Sociatis again 8). So just trust me – I am an engineer 🙂


Trust me I am an engineer


Black clouds

During last week game encountered some serious bug. You had internal errors from time to time appearing on your screen. My top notch priority right now is to fix and eliminate this bug. I can only say that this errors is tricky when it comes to resolving it.



It is important to state what are the plans for future on Sociatis. First of all I would like to fix all things that you reported.

Next thing will be a creation of wiki where you will have all knowledge gathered in one place. It will be based on role model where only some group of people can freely edit articles. Other people will be able to make edits which need to be accepted by more advanced user before appearing on site.

After wiki thing I will move on to make some major updates that will change some things. First of all I saw that idea of having both infrastructure and supply value for regions is highly misleading. It will be merged into one attribute that will describe how advanced a region is. There will be some other updates to the game of course.

And then (propably around march/april – depending on my speed) I will move to the stage of creating new graphical interface for players. I have some ideas but I will not show anything right now because I did not even started to draw them on paper or anything.

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