Coming in 2017 November – beta tests

Citizen page.
WIP – elements can differ from final version of the game.

Sociatis is a multiplayer online economic strategy where you lead your character to succeed in his/her virtual life. The game will have similar feeling like first editions of very popular eRepublik. But it will enhance the basic idea behind the game and add many unique, interesting features.


Main features


  • Politics
    • Became president of the virtual country and lead it’s people into victory.
    • Candidate for politician seat in congress to change your country from inside.
  • War
    • Conquer enemy lands to gain economic advantage over your opponents.
    • Buy equipment and go to the battle to fight for your country.
  • Economic
    • Build companies which will manufacture products by employing real people who will work for you.
    • As a president manage supplies for country regions to ensure stable growth of economy.
    • Build infrastructure (railways/roads) to ensure fast travel for people and goods in your country.
    • Everything need fuel to get going. Became oil magnate and rule the world
    • Became worker and work for best companies around the world.
    • Observe money exchange rate on Monetary Market and make deals to earn cash.
  • Social
    • Create newspapers which will be read by many people to shape their opinion about the current events.
    • Create paid only articles and earn money from your writings.
    • Use national forums to share information only with your fellow citizens.
  • Law
    • Judge malicious people in your country to ensure safeness of citizens.
    • Defend against enemy intelligence.


Newspaper page. WIP – elements can differ from final version of the game.


Supply mechanic

Supply configuration
WIP – elements can differ from final version of the game.

It’s entirely new system introduced in Sociatis. Its main role is to give more economic control over your country. You can manage which regions should be more supplied than others to improve their economic output. It will be very important part of every presidency to make supply levels high.


Regions information
WIP – elements can differ from final version of the game.


Infrastructure concept is very similar to supply levels. Supplies had effect on economic and military output and infrastructure influence transport of people and goods around the country.
Country with very good infrastructure will have lower cost of travelling across its lands. Fuel costs for transporting goods from company to company will decrease and citizens will not need to buy most expensive tickets.

Information about beta tests:

  • There will be no premium features during beta tests. Every player will receive small amount of premium currency per day.
  • At first beta will be closed. You can only apply via form on the website.
  • Beta will end around mid 2018
  • You will receive special awards for participating in beta like badges and premium currency when game will be out!